Stolen Football Holiday


     Currently, 12 Russian cities host one of the main sport events of the quadrennial the World Cup. A holiday, the national teams are being prepared for several years. In turn, the host country (or countries) strives to host this event at the highest level, prepares infrastructure, builds stadiums and provides security. This is all for the only one purpose to allow millions of football fans to enjoy the unforgettable atmosphere of the championship, the spirit of competition and the unity of nations.

     Russia has done everything possible and even a little more to put all this into practice. Thousands of fans arrived in this country, even in spite of the fact that the governments of a certain number of countries had called for a boycott of this event several months before the championship. Amid growing tension between Moscow and the European Union, British journalists and politicians tried to intimidate European citizens, sharing fake information about the inhumanity of Russian people, about poverty, about inability of this country to hold events of such level. No British official has visited a single match. So much the worse for them. Already now, at the semi-finals stage, the World Cup 2018 broke several sports records, gave us a series of very tough matches (not considering the match between teams France and Denmark, of course), shocked by Germany’s inability to pass the group stage, and also allowed to see the real emotions of Panama national team’s fans, who scored a historic goal against England.

     In these very days, team England is making history, preparing for the semi-final with the team Croatia. For the first time since 1966, the British national football team can once again raise the coveted cup over their heads and become the best football team in the world. Instead of seeing it with their own eyes, most English fans will have to watch it on TV, having become the victims of the cynicism and impudence of their government.

     Indeed, the main victim of British propaganda was the population of the Great Britain, and England in particular. Instead of recognizing the apolitical nature of this event, the British Parliament continues to bend its line and talk about Russian problems, closing its eyes to the chaos in their own political life.

     By the way, the British officials remained almost the only ones who did not refuse hostile theses about the boycott of the Championship. Thus, the Prime Minister of Denmark, Lars Rasmussen, King of Spain Philip VI, UN Secretary General António Gutteres, Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland, the President of Switzerland Alain Berset, the President of South Korea Mr. Moon Zhe Ying, Princess of Japan Hisako Takamado (the first visit of the representative of the imperial family for 102 years), King of Belgium Philip, Croatian President Colinda Grabar-Kitarovich and French President Emmanuel Macron supported their national teams and enjoyed the splendor of the goals. Moreover, the teams of Croatia and France, as well as the aforementioned England, continue their way to the Cup. Emmanuel Macron and his wife are even going to attend the final match in Moscow on July 15.

     And now imagine the mood of English players who, due to dirty political games, will not see either the Prime Minister Teresa May or Prince William, who, by the way, is the honorary president of the Football Association. In addition, along with officials, the historical game of English team will not attend thousands of fans treacherously deceived by these officials. Instead of tens of thousands of English fans, only about 6,000 people came to Russia. They are now enjoying the holiday, supporting the national team and waiting for its triumph. The remaining 53 million English people stayed at home with a bitter sense of injustice from being deceived and robbed by their own government. They are not able to be a part of this great event.


     P.S. If you do not agree with our subjective opinion, just draw your attention to the article of the British comedian and actor Tom Rosenthal. In his column for The Guardian, he described in detail his personal experience of visiting Russia and attending matches.

The Sport Ruled by Tycoons?

The world of sport is nowadays a machine for pumping money. The spirit of competition has fallen into the background giving way to a thirst for profit.

Panem et circenses! (Bread and circuses!) is a famous Roman idiom that demonstrates both basic human needs and potential sources of profit. The Sport is a huge part of entertainment world. Lots of fans are ready to spend huge money to attend competitions and see their idols with their own eyes. Unfortunately, various sports officials benefit from it. They line their pockets and allow the others to do the same, but certainly not for free. The system is running like clockwork: fans get their emotions out while sponsors broadcast advertisements. Construction companies receive orders to build stadiums and other facilities while sports officials take bribes. This pretty idyllic picture is however far from the principles of fair play and ethics that should govern sports competition.


For example, honorary IOC member, Brazilian Olympic committee president Carlos Arthur Nuzman was arrested on October 5, 2017 for allegedly participating in a vote-buying scheme linked to Rio de Janeiro’s selection as host city for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Among his hidden assets were 16 kilos of gold in a Swiss bank.


IOC member, President of the Association of National Olympic Committees, FIFA Council member of Kuwait Sheikh Ahmad al-Fahad al-Sabah stepped down from all football positions under pressure from corruption allegations in the sport. The release of court documents in the wake of Asian Football Confederation official Richard Lai pleading guilty to $1 million bribery saw Sheikh Ahmad implicated. The journalists dubbed him a «Kingmaker» for helping Tomas Bach to become IOC President in 2013.


Namibia’s Frenkie Frederics left his position as a Chairman of the 2024 Olympic bidding process after being accused of accepting a bribe of $299,300 from the son of ex-IAAF president Lamine Diack on the day Rio won the vote to host the 2016 Olympics.

Recently, the U.S. Department of Justice began a broad investigation of corruption in the world of such sports organizations as the International Olympic Committee, the International Football Federation, the International Association of Athletics Federations and the National Olympic Committee of the USA. The Justice Department is exploring possible racketeering, money laundering and fraud charges related to two track and field world championship events in Doha (Qatar 2019) and Eugene (USA 2021).


Former Israeli NBC Exec and IOC member Alex Gilady didn’t take bribes. At the very least, it has not been proved officially. Meanwhile he was several times accused of sexual harassment. The most remarkable case was connected to Neri Livneh, a columtist with Haaretz. The meeting with Gilady, Livneh said, was scheduled outside of the office on the pretext that it required discretion. After the dinner at a restaurant, he took her to his home where IOC official exposed his penis to her, saying Talk to it.

Another example of corruptness can be seen in close ties between the sport’s largest anti-doping organizations and pharmaceutics companies. In 2014, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) signed a global collaboration agreement with the United States pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer that would allow Pfizer to share information on pipeline products that have a potential for athletic performance misuse, and in parallel allow WADA to exchange information with Pfizer on substances that are being abused by athletes. Nevertheless, we should understand that this collaboration is just a smokescreen aimed to develop potentially new and «not prohibited» performance enhancing drugs and sell them to concerned parties or countries.

As we can see, IOC, WADA and other organizations have been created by people who have nothing to do with clean sport but who are perfect in counting numbers and committing frauds. After all, isn’t it the biggest problem in today’s sports world?

American Pharmaceutical Companies Are to Face International Sanctions


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TUE: Breaking Bad


International sports competitions constitute a vital element of the contemporary life. Olympic Games, World Cups, Continental Championships are thrust into the public spotlight and they are not only about leisure interest. In fact, such an event is a way to increase the international status of the country, its prestige and political heft. That’s why the victory becomes priceless and the means to achieve it are quite extreme. Continue reading “TUE: Breaking Bad”

Backstage Secrets of the Alex Schwazer Case Investigation


Yesterday the Fancy Bears’ Hack Team published more confidential documents from anti-doping officials’ internal correspondence. This time the hackers attacked the IAAF. According to Fancy Bears’, they intend “to show the scale of doping violations in track and field and to expose inefficiency of anti-doping control.” Continue reading “Backstage Secrets of the Alex Schwazer Case Investigation”